Outlined below are my current research interests, past research

projects, and ongoing research.



Passionate about all of the Earth, from plants to animals, across all biomes, natural history and geography.


I believe that continual learning and innovation is the key to not only the development of science but the key to our futures.


Bettering our planet so that future generations can experience the beauty that I have is one of my top priorities.


Technology is integrated into all aspects of our lives, and I'm ready to be part of integrating it more seamlessly into research.


Shao, J. supervised by Dr. Frederic Guichard (McGill University). (2019). Eigenvector Centrality Evaluation of Important Areas for Pelagic Larvae of Native and Invasive Benthic Species in the British Columbia Coast 

Shao, J. supervised by Dr. Jon Sakata (McGill University). (2018). Brain Mechanisms of Social and Communication Deficits

Shao, J., Su, S. (2018). Stylistic Text Generation of Song Lyrics with Machine Learning

Shao, J. supervised by Jacques Pollini, Ph.D. (McGill University). (2017). An Overview of the Use of Traditional Healers and Medicinal Plants in the Lushoto District of Tanzania

*PDFs for all past papers available upon request.


Currently, I am supervised by Ladd Johnson and Chris McKindsey at Université Laval to conduct my master's project centred around investigating the distribution of Littorina littorea and microhabitat selection in intertidal mudflat ecosystems focusing on their movement and dispersal. 

Concurrently, I am working with Ridouan Bani, postdoctorate with the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at University of Washington, to investigate how the  pelagic larval duration of a species affect the persistence of that species’ metapopulation networks using computer modelling.